Prima Foam Unit

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Prima Foam Unit

Prima Foam Unit Supplied by Delta Fire

The Prima Foam Unit is the ideal extinguishing tool for fuel/chemical spillages, car/skip fires, used extensively by UK Fire Brigades. It comes with low and medium expansion fire fighting foam branchpipes, the former for rapid knockdown from a safe distance, the latter giving a thick blanket for vapour suppression. When coupled to a pressurised water supply (e.g. fire appliance hose reel) it will give the performance of 40 x 9ltr AFFF fire extinguishers, or 8 wheeled fire extinguishers.

The Delta Fire Prima Foam Unit is the ideal extinguisher tool for fuel/chemical spillages, car/skip fires,car ferry decks, flammable liquid stores, fuel loading racks, boiler rooms, ship’s engine rooms, paint and solvent stores etc and are widely used by industry professionals around the world including UK Fire & Rescue Services.

The Prima ia available in three options, firstly the LX Prima which comes with a low expansion foam branchpipe providing fast ‘knock-down’ performance at a safe distances, secondly the MX Prima which comes with a medium expansion foam branchpipe providing a thick blanket of foam for fast vapour suppression & finally the combination Prima LX/MX providing both low and medium expansion performance.

In many flammable liquid spill situations, portable foam or powder extinguishers are simply not adequate to suppress the fire quickly enough to prevent further spread. Low application rates and short running times mean that the fire can be out of control before help arrives. Delta Fire are specialists in the manufacture and supply of foam equipment and many years of design and development by Delta’s industry experts have resulted in the Prima units. One Prima Unit has the power & performance of 40 standard foam extinguishers.

There are 3 model available:-

LX – Prima Foam Unit (Low Expansion Version)
MX – Prima Foam Unit (Medium Expansion Version)
LX/MX – Prima Foam Unit (Low and Meduim Expansion Version)

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Prima Foam Unit supplied by Delta Fire

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