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PPV Firefighting Tactics

by Marcus
PPV Firefighting Tactics

PPV Firefighting Tactics

Fire Product Search along with LEADER look at the 3 main PPV (Positive Pressure Ventilation) tactics which exist according to different firefighting situations:

  • OFFENSIVE ventilation tactic
  • DEFENSIVE ventilation tactic
  • COMBINED ventilation tactic

OFFENSIVE fire ventilation tactic

A direct action on the fire to affect its behaviour and reduce its size by ventilating area on fire.


DEFENSIVE fire ventilation tactic

Protects spaces from the fire propagation, smoke and hot gases by ventilating the premisis not reached by the fire yet.


COMBINED ventilation tactic

Coupling DEFENSIVE and OFFENSIVE ventilations: Pressurise stairwell with a Master fan at ground floor. Then attack fire by relaying its airflow with a Relay fan at floor of fire.

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