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PPV Fan Suction Hoses

by Marcus
Supplied by Russwurm Ventilatoren

Suction hoses from Russwurm Ventilatoren are made of elastic plastic foil with fabric insert and welded-in steel wire spiral. The hoses are equipped with end rings on both sides and can be used on suction and on pressure side. For the use in hazardous areas the material is electrically leitfähig. To support an easy transport the hoses are telescoping.

Technical data

øx Length Weight

200 mm x 7,5 m 8 kg
300 mm x 7,5 m 11 kg
400 mm x 5 m 11 kg
400 mm x 7,5 m 13 kg
500 mm x 5 m 12 kg
500 mm x 7,5 m 20 kg

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