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PowerFlow 12/10

by Marcus
PowerFlow 12-10 Tank

PowerFlow 12/10 supplied by Godiva

The 12/10 is a single stage centrifugal pump directly mounted to a compact and highly efficient Textron 2 cylinder, 4 stroke engine.

With a volute and impeller designed to maximise efficiency and output, the 12/10 offers a continuous performance of at least 1200 l/min at 10 bars of pressure with a 3 metre lift, and a maximum output of 2150 l/min at 3 bars.

  • Compact in size allowing for stow away in side locker compartments
  • The high output in relation to the weight, means the 12/10 delivers more water per Kg of pump compared to similar pumps in this category.
  • Four adjustable fold away handles are strategically placed to improve stability and reduce ergonomic strain.
  • A wheel attachment allows the pump to be manoeuvred over long distances by a single operator.
  • A separate auxiliary fuel tank will allow the operator to safely re-fuel the pump while operating it, with a quick release connection extension hose for an additional 60-70 minutes running time, a feature unique to Godiva.

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PowerFlow 12/10 supplied by Godiva

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