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Head Office: 10667 Jersey Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, USA

PHOS-CHEK® and FIRE-TROL® brand long-term fire retardants, Class A foams, and water-enhancing gels are the world’s leading chemical solutions for managing wildland, industrial and municipal fires. Established in 1963, the PHOS-CHEK name is synonymous with quality, innovation and partnership. Experts at Perimeter Solutions work side-by-side with fire management agencies in North America and across the world to provide safe and effective firefighting chemicals and to develop new products that meet the needs and desires of fire management personnel.

Employees come from the fire safety industry, bringing insights in technology, logistics and service solutions to fire-fighting professionals. The only company with a supply chain & customer service network to meet the needs of over 150 air tanker bases, mobile operations and ground-applied retardant operations, Perimeter Solutions provides both materials and solutions for superior ease-of-use, seamless supply, and best overall performance.

Perimeter Solutions offers a broad product offering across fire retardant and fire suppressant foam. These include:

PHOS-CHEK retardants and Class A products qualified by the USFS and listed for use with both the USFS and Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC).

PHOS-CHEK Class B Foams that are certified to Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL), Factory Mutual (FM), US Military Standard (MIL-SPEC) and meets the quality and performance test requirements of Large Atmospheric Storage Tank Fires (LASTFIRE).

FIRE-TROL brand products, highly recognized across the world, and the go-to brand in Europe for retardant and Class A foam.

Complete Solutions

Perimeter Solutions is committed to total customer satisfaction by delivering complete solutions that exceed expectations. In 2014, the company acquired AUXQUIMIA S.A.U. of Spain, and entered the Class B foam business with PHOS-CHEK and AUXQUIMIA® brand C6 AFFF and AR-AFFF foam concentrates. In 2018, the company expanded its presence in the fire foam market with the acquisition of SOLBERG®.

Solberg foam products address rising demand for technology that meet stringent fire performance criteria, and environmental safety standards. The Green Bay, Wisconsin-based company brings over 50 years of foam industry knowledge and formulating expertise to Perimeter Solutions, including a new generation of environmentally-friendly fluorosurfactant and fluoropolymer free fire foam. Perimeter Solutions today offers a full line of Class A, Class B (C6 compliant and fluorine-free), training foam and specialty foams.

Global Manufacture

Perimeter Solutions, Fire Safety Group, manufactures its world class products in the US, Canada, France, Spain, and Australia and supplies products to fire management and firefighting organizations around the world. The Solberg acquisition enhanced Perimeter Solutions’ manufacturing capabilities with an additional state-of-the-art foam concentrate production facility in North America and expanded footprint in Europe and Asia Pacific. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Perimeter Solutions is a major manufacturer of fire safety chemicals, and phosphorus pentasulfide, a key material required for anti-wear components of engine oil.


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