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PHOS-CHEK 1×3% AR-AFFF Ultra Foam

by Greg Preston
PHOS-CHEK 1×3 AR-AFFF Ultra Foam

PHOS-CHEK 1×3% AR-AFFF Ultra Foam supplied by PHOS-CHEK

PHOS-CHEK 1×3% AR-AFFF Ultra (Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam Ultra), the premium, high performance 1×3 AR, is a mixture of water, hydrocar-bon surfactants, solvents, C6 fluorosurfactants and fluoropolymers. The product is a 1% concentrate proportioned solution for use on Hydrocarbon fires and 3% on polar solvent fires. This new formulation demonstrates Perimeter Solutions Performance Products commitment to superior firefighting performance and environmental responsibility.

PHOS-CHEK 1×3 AR-AFFF U is designed for rapid control and knockdown by producing a thin aqueous film on hydrocarbon fuels or a polymer membrane on polar solvent fuels that minimize vapor release, a foam blanket that separates the fuel from the air, and continual draining of water from the foam blanket provides cooling at the fuel surface.


UL 162, EN 1568-3 (Class IA) and EN 1568-4 (Class IA), and LASTFIRE.


The concentrate should be stored at temperatures between 20 ̊F (-6 ̊C) and 122 ̊F (+50 ̊C), preferably in the original containers, approved bladder tanks, stainless steel, high density polyethylene, fiberglass or epoxy lined tanks. Concentrate piping acceptable materials of construction include stainless steel (either 304 or 316), some plastic piping including fiberglass and PVC, red brass, and black iron as long as the system is completely flooded eliminating the air/foam concentrate/carbon steel interface. Avoid permanent contact with carbon steel, iron, some copper alloys, & aluminum when the piping material and concentrate will be exposed to air. Galvanized piping is not recommended for AFFF piping systems.Foam concentrates are subject to evaporation, which accelerates when the product is exposed to air. Storage tanks should be sealed and fitted with a pressure vacuum vent to prevent free exchange of air.


The shelf life of any foam concentrate is maximized by proper storage conditions and maintenance. Factors affecting shelf life are wide temperature changes, extreme high or low temperatures, evaporation, dilution, and contamination by foreign materials. Properly stored Phos-Chek AR-AFFF Class B foam concentrates should have no significant loss of firefighting performance for 20+ years. However, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends annual testing of all firefighting foams.


PHOS-CHEK 1×3% AR-AFFF Ultra Foam supplied by PHOS-CHEK

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