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PELI LED Headlamp 2765Z0

by Greg Preston
PELI LED Headlamp 2765Z0

PELI LED Headlamp 2765Z0 supplied by Peli Products

The safety approved PELI LED Headlamp 2765Z0 is designed for use in hazardous environments as for Fire and Rescue workers. Apart from being certified to highest ATEX Category, Zone 0 (Cat. 1) is ultra-compact and lightweight, weighting only 96 gr with batteries. Equipped with three uniquely positioned LEDs, it produces up to 105 lumens and provides up to 9 hours of run time.

The PELI LED Headlamp 2765Z0 offers multiple modes: high, low, downcast and flashing. The downcast LEDs provides illumination for pathway for safe walking, reading space for added convenience, and most appreciated by your counterparts in face to face interaction because you will not blind them anymore. Additionally, the PELI LED Headlamp 2765Z0 offers a full-time battery level indicator, which will help you monitor your battery time left.

It includes both a rubber strap for helmets and a cloth strap for bare heads. It’s engineered with an extremely durable IPX4 water/weather resistant polymer construction, and pivots to a 45-degree angle to direct clean, brilliant light where it’s needed.

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PELI LED Headlamp 2765Z0 supplied by Peli Products

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