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PELI 3345Z0 LED Flashlight

by Greg Preston
PELI 3345Z0 LED Flashlight

PELI 3345Z0 LED Flashlight supplied by Peli Products

The PELI 3345Z0 LED Flashlight is the first safety light with dual beam and automatic light sensor, that automatically adjusts brightness to its surroundings. This intelligent, innovative torch is certified to ATEX Zone 0 (Cat. 1) and it’s the perfect choice for working in hazardous areas for Fire and Rescue industry.

“The PELI 3345Z0 LED Flashlight is like a self-driving light,” said Piero Marigo, PELI Products EMEA Managing Director. “The automatic light sensor measures the ambient light and automatically adjusts the brightness so up-close offers a low level, but it will instantly adjust to full brightness when focusing at hundreds of meters away”.

At the forefront of innovation in the lighting industry, the premium PELI 3345Z0 LED Flashlight incorporates dual beams: spot & flood. It delivers up to 267 lumens with both beams, 115 lumens in flood mode, and 207 lumens in spot mode – allowing the user maximum versatility. The dual beams provide the ability to illuminate a pathway and at a distance simultaneously or could be used for reading instructions while needing to illuminate a working area. It’s capability to change the light output automatically regulates power as needed which stretches run time to its ultimate potential, making it one of the most energy efficient torches.

Other great additions of the PELI 3345Z0 are its full-time battery level indicator integrated into the switch and the IPX7 ingress protection, allowing it to be used in the most inclement weather conditions. This versatile light can be used as hand-held or as a hands-free torch by attaching it to a safety vest and switch to flood beam mode to illuminate the work area.

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PELI 3345Z0 LED Flashlight supplied by Peli Products

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