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PE-VE High-Pressure Compressor

by Greg Preston
PE-VE High-Pressure Compressors

PE-VE High-Pressure Compressor supplied by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

The proven PE-VE series: For peak free air delivery up to 850 l/min

Ideal for transport and breathing protection: Practically equipped and absolutely reliable in operation

Compressor with BAUER quality standard: Technically advanced mirroring the state of the art

The breathing air compressors in the PE-VE series are characterised by their impressive peak free air delivery rates of up to 850 l/min.

Professionally customised to meet individual needs and FAD requirements in breathing air applications, the PE-VE units offer practical equipment, typical BAUER quality and certified safety for reliable stationary operation.

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PE-VE High-Pressure Compressor supplied by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

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