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PBI Performance Products

by Marcus
PBI Performance Products

PBI Performance Products is the world’s only producer of high performance PBI fiber and polymer. We work with our clients continually developing fresh and new innovative ideas, to meet their market needs all over the globe. You will find our products in key markets including protective clothing for the fire service and industrial workers, semiconductor and electronics, and various high temperature applications

The company is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina; housing marketing, R&D, and administrative personnel. The PBI Performance Products manufacturing facility is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Other marketing locations include Hong Kong and Germany

As a firefighter, you face real-life dangers and challenges every minute you’re on the job. PBI fabrics are specified by major fire services throughout the world for high performance in any situation. Whether you are tackling structural or proximity fires, fabrics with PBI fibre give you perfect protection and confidence.  From hoods to fire suits to station wear, specify PBI.

  • Premium outer shell protection, combining excellent flame and thermal protection with strength and durability.
  • Tested in labs, fire schools, and in real-world fires, PBI fabrics stand up to aggressive use under demanding conditions.
  • Resists dangerous chemicals and acids, plus will not shrink or become brittle.
  • Lightweight, flexible and fast drying.
  • PBI fabric hoods are certified and compliant with NFPA 1971 and EN 13911. They manage body sweat, providing superior comfort and outstanding protection.
  • For base-layer apparel, PBI has fabrics that are breathable, rugged and high performing.

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