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Paratech Rescue Support Systems

by Marcus
Paratech Rescue Support Systems

Paratech Rescue Support Systems supplied by Vimpex

The Paratech Rescue Support System is designed to be effective for the simplest to the most demanding deployment, there isn’t a more comprehensive, scalable and straightforward system than Paratech’s. Whether you choose the precision of the AcmeThread Strut, the automatic locking collar of the LockStroke Strut or the added length of the LongShore Struts, they are strong and versatile enough for nearly every collapse and stabilisation scenario.

The entire system includes 5 sizes of AcmeThread Struts, 4 sizes of LockStroke Struts, 4 sizes of AcmeThread/LockStroke Extensions, 6 sizes of LongShore Struts, 4 LongShore Extensions and over 20 interchangeable base Plates designed to support a wide variety of contact points.

All aluminium alloy components of the Rescue Support System are hard coat anodized to reduce electrical conductivity and increase strength and durability.

Truly a system that will not stop growing, Paratech’s Rescue Support System can be used in excavation collapse (trenches, mines), vehicle stabilisation, structural collapse and reinforcement, or wherever there is a need for quick, strong and safe vertical or horizontal shoring.

Structural Collapse

Earthquakes, construction collapse, cave-ins, floods and structural fire damage require a collapse rescue system designed for the purpose of extracting victims in a safe and timely manner.

Vehicle Stabilisation

Paratech Vehicle Stabilisation Kits have the strength and flexibility to handle any size vehicle anytime, anywhere. This includes cars, buses, large trucks and even trains. Additionally, these components provide the extra value of being completely interchangeable with other Paratech equipment for building collapse and trench rescue scenarios – see Vehicle Stabilisation for further information.

Excavation Containment

Paratech’s pneumatic Rescue Struts allow for remote placement and easy locking as well as safe, remote removal. Used in combination with the Waler System, trench rescue has never been faster, easier or safer.

Special Applications

To be used in combination with Paratech’s LongShore, AcmeThread and LockStroke Struts, a wide variety of bases and accessories are available to assist in numerous special application scenarios. These include, but in no way are limited to: elevator shaft access and victim retrieval, high angle applications, confined space work and trench rescue.

Add-on kits include: Tripod, Bipod, Monopod and Elevator Support Unit Kits.

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Paratech Rescue Support Systems supplied by Vimpex

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