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by Marcus

The small looks of the P4 from RESQTEC don't reveal its performance, only its versatility.

The P4 is one-of-a-kind and a "must have" for any rescue team. It can be converted from being a dedicated spreader to a cutter in just seconds using interchangeable tool attachments.

The P4 is based on the P16, an already trusted tool for many special teams such as the Military and fire brigades. It brings self-contained battery-powered rescue tools to a whole new higher level of performance and capability. The new P4 utilizes aerospace gear technology developed for military jet fighters coupled with the latest innovations in electric motor and Lithium-Ion battery technologies. By using Electronic Direct Drive technology and eliminating hydraulics completely the P4 operates super-efficient and the run times of its interchangeable battery packs are extremely long. Its reliable design requires low maintenance and minimizes any change of breaking down. The variable control puts power, speed and safety in the operator's hand. The ability to turn its head by 61 degrees enables spreading and cutting in tight spots. It can even do work around corners. The tool is suitable for all-weather conditions. It is the ideal rescue tool for rapid intervention and the perfect addition to any hydraulic set.

All these features, its interchangeability, the high performance, its compact and versatile design and the rotatable head make sure that no other rescue tool can match the P4. It takes you into places and completes jobs no other rescue tools can. A perfect choice for:

  • Vehicle Extrication (including Armored)
  • Aircraft rescues
  • Rapid-Intervention
  • Collapse rescues
  • Remote rescues
  • Indoor and confined space operations
  • Forcible entry
  • Special Operations
  • Damage Control and more.

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