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by Marcus
P605 OE Power Unit

P 605 OE supplied by Lukas Hydraulik

Following the tradition of our compact battery-powered P 600 OE, the new P 605 OE fulfils all the requirements for use as an extension to a conventional rescue set and thus for creating greater mobility. Or as a useful addition to an eWXT set to extend the usable product portfolio with battery technology.

In addition, the P 605 OE is also ideally suited as an alternative to our P630 /P 635 units as the sole drive source. The usable oil volume of 5 litres makes it possible to operate a complete rescue set with 2 telescopic cylinders. The compact design, in combination with the low weight and the high usable oil volume, creates an unprecedented flexibility and mobility on site.
The P 605 OE can be operated with the 5Ah / 9Ah batteries of the eWXT series as well as with the eWXT power supply 230V.

The built-in ECO mode, which is activated when the valve is not actuated, protects the battery and allows an exceptionally long working time with only one battery charge. When the ECO mode is activated, the on/off switch flashes green to ensure that the power pack is ready for operation even in noisy environments is always displayed.

The P 605 OE unit replaces the P 600 OE (81-63-10) unit with immediate effect. Remaining quantities of the P 600 OE are available for a limited time.


  • Usable oil volume of 5 litres for operating a complete rescue kit
  • ECO mode when the star knob is not actuated
  • On/Off button flashes green when ECO mode is activated
  • Oil level indicator on tank illuminated from inside
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low weight of approx. 14 kg including battery

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P 605 OE supplied by Lukas Hydraulik

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