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Orchidex FF ARC 3×3 F-HP

by Marcus
Orchidex FF ARC 3×3 F-HP

Orchidex FF ARC 3×3 F-HP supplied by Orchidee

ORCHIDEX FF ARC 3×3 F-HP is a top-performance firefighting foam concentrate approved according to all parts of EN 1568:2018 and achieves the best possible rating (IA) on the most difficult fuels.

This product is especially suited for applications on a variety of polar fuels. It provides rapid flame knockdown and maximum safety with outstanding burn back resistance at a mixing ratio of 3%.

Product details

Proportioning rate

  • Hydro carbons3%
  • Polar solvents3%

Temperature (°C)

  • Freezing point: 4°C


  • EN 1568-1, -2,-3,

EN Rating

  • Part 3 Heptane 1C
  • Part 4 Acetone 1A
  • Part 4 IPA 1A

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Orchidex FF ARC 3×3 F-HP supplied by ORCHIDEE

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