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Orchidee Open Liquid Production Plant

by Greg Preston
Orchidee Open New Liquid Production Plant

Orchidee Open Liquid Production Plant: We are pleased to announce that we are at the final stages of completing our brand new, state of the art liquid production plant in Tisselt Belgium.

The new plant, situated by a canal leading to the port of Antwerp, will become Orchidee main production plant for Foams and Water Additives. The production plant in Conty will continue to produce the Powders.

This major investment will double our production capacity, will be fully automated and computerized and will enable us to deliver Foams and Water Additives in all types of packaging including bulk trucks.

This new modern facility will allow us to provide you with short delivery times and enable us accommodate very large orders.

We look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you to our new plant!

Orchidee is a leading European developer and producer of a wide range of firefighting products.

Orchidee Foams, Powders, and Water Additives are marketed worldwide and its Orchidex and Pulvex brand names are a symbol of quality and Performance.

Orchidee is the preferred supplier to a wide range of customers across many industries, and across the globe. These include, the world’s leading manufacturers of portable extinguishers, fire brigades, large industrial companies, oil refineries, electricity plants, storage farms, airports, oil & gas exploration, military and others.

The company’s in-house R&D division is continually advancing the industry with cutting edge products that are breaking new ground in terms of performance and biodegradability. In 2010, Orchidee introduced BlueFoam bluefoam to the market, a top performance fluorine-free foam, which is setting new standards of environmental & safety.

Our products are developed in accordance with the highest international safety & environmental standards.

The company’s ongoing R&D drives the ingenuity and top performance of every Orchidee product, making Orchidee a leading name in the world of firefighting products.

For more information on Orchidee Open Liquid Production Plantvisit www.orchidee-fire.com/

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