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by Marcus

The evolution of On Scene Solutions started in the mid 1990’s. Being involved in the heavy over the road trucking industry, we were unable to find the type of products we were looking for, so we decided to build our own. After a while, people started seeing how much better our ideas worked than what was available and began asking us to design things for them.
It all started while trying to find a lightweight moveable tray for storing heavy truck components like chains, straps, jacks and chain tighteners. There were lots of options on the market for steel drawers, but they all had two things in common. They were heavy, and they rusted. Sure, powder coating slowed down the process but they were still susceptible to corrosion after time, and that still didn’t address the weight issue. We had a tendency to always “load to the limit” and sometimes beyond, so we needed lightweight slides that were TOUGH.
After several prototypes and lots of testing we decided extruded aluminum gave us the strength and corrosion resistance we were looking for. We found that we were able to load all of our equipment on a rail slide and still have it move in and out very easily. To top that off, we could do it with 100% slide extension meaning there was no more reaching into the back of a compartment to wrestle that heavy component into position.
During the time we were developing our slide technology we also realized that standard compartment lighting was inadequate unless many bulb fixtures were installed. To combat excessive amperage draw we started seeking ways of lighting our compartments better, but with less amperage draw. Alas we found our answer in the LED (light emitting diode) industry. After much testing we developed a combination of LED products that can take the abuse that heavy trucks dish out and not fail when they are needed most.
On Scene Solutions continues to seek out new and innovative solutions for various industries including fire/rescue trucks, heavy haul trucks, motor coach and automotive applications.

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