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OMNILOCK SET AT-OS1 supplied by Holmatro Rescue Equipment


OmniLock set for large trenches and basic spot shores. With expansion sets also suitable for T-trench, L-trench, vehicle stabilization, lifting and high directionals. The patented OmniLock system allows you to automatically follow and lock a load in both directions.

OmniLock: Full control with less manpower

  • No one needs to be near a moving load – Monitor and operate the OmniLock struts from a distance
  • Auto-follow has your back – OmniLock automatically follows and locks a load in both directions
  • Less people needed – Control multiple OmniLock struts simultaneously with the Wireless Controller

Designed to save weight and space on your truck

  • One single system for all shoring operations
  • Build any application with a system of only six different struts
  • Construct lengths up to 17 ft / 5.2 m with only five different struts
  • No fixed length extensions needed – Each strut also functions as an extension pipe

Quick and easy setup

  • Every strut can be connected to every other strut thanks to the patented Trident Coupler
  • Each accessory fits on both ends of all the struts
  • No accurate measurement needed – Two connected struts offer you twice the plunger stroke
  • Easy alignment of struts – The angle of OmniLock struts is shown on the Wireless Controller

Maximum safety

  • Extend or retract an OmniLock strut remotely with instant stepless lock should the primary system fail
  • All strut combinations are allowed and safe – The patented Trident Coupler only allows you to connect two struts max
  • Strongest struts in the market – Rigorously tested in multiple setups
  • Holmatro developed OmniShore according to the criteria of testing used by FEMA’s US&R Structures Sub Group to evaluate similar type shoring

Set components:

  • Strut M10 6x
  • OmniLock Strut P20OL 4x
  • OmniLock Strut P30OL 8x
  • OmniLock Strut P40OL 8x
  • OmniLock Strut P60OL 2x
  • Swivel Base BPL10 36x
  • Shoring Hammer RS15 4x

For more OmniShore sets, see https://www.holmatro.com/en/rescue/shoring-stabilization/omnishore/sets

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OMNILOCK SET AT-OS1 supplied by Holmatro Rescue Equipment

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