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Ogura HRS Modular Rescue System

by Marcus
Ogura HRS Modular Rescue System

Ogura HRS Modular Rescue System supplied by Vimpex

The Ogura HRS Modular Rescue System is a battery powered portable, lightweight, compact and extremely versatile series of cutting, spreading and forced entry tools.

Totally modular in nature, the HRS system allows users to select only those tools suitable to their tasks, thereby allowing professionals the freedom to purpose-build their battery powered rescue system.

HRS 10T Cutter and Pump With the HRS system, simplicity is the key and due to the nature of its ‘closed’ hydraulic system, maintenance and training requirements are minimal.

The HRS Pump has been recently upgraded to incorporate a larger oil reservoir meaning that we are now able to offer a 200 mm / 8” door opening tool.


  • Dedicated tools offer flexibility and ease of use
  • Revolutionary hydraulic pump gives incredible power
  • Connection either via hoses or directly to the pump
  • Immediate deployment
  • Single trigger grip allows extremely easy operation
  • Very low maintenance
  • New larger pump allows for 200 mm door opener

Hydraulic Pump

Central to the HRS system’s surprising power is the battery powered pump. Powered by the amazing 18 V 3.0 Ah Li-Ion battery, the pump produces an impressive 400 bar. Weighing in at only 4.4 kg, the pump features the Ogura-designed instantaneous coupling for swift and clean tool changes.

Tools can either be directly coupled or, for even more versatility, a flexible hose can be used to connect the tools. This feature makes the HRS system virtually unique in its versatility. Hoses can be extended up to 3 metres.

The pump unit is supplied with an 18 V 3.0 Ah Li-Ion battery, 240 V ac charger and 1m hose connector. In-vehicle 12/24 V dc and 110 V ac chargers are also available.

HRS-922 6 Tonne Metal Cutter

Small but powerful, this compact scissor-style cutter is popular with airport fire services for its ability to reach even the most constricted areas.

The 6 tonne force easily slices angle iron, metal tubing and sheet steel. The HRS-922 Can be used either directly coupled to the HRS-931 pump or via a hydraulic hose. Together with the HRS-933 bar cutter and HRS-934 spreader this combination makes a great starter kit.
HRS-932 10 Tonne Cutter

HRS-932 10 Tonne Cutter

The large opening on the HRS-932 means that the blades of this 10 tonne scissor cutter will open around most car pillars.

It is also suitable for hollow section tubing and sheet steel and can be used either directly coupled to the HRS-931 pump or via a hydraulic hose.

HRS-932s Stubby Cutter

This cutter has amazing strength and will cut through padlocks, 16mm rebar, chain and security bars.

Originally designed for US law enforcement officers struggling to forcibly enter security-protected premises, the stubby cutter is great for forced entry, protestor release and, coupled with the HRS-935 door opener/jack, makes an excellent forced entry kit.

HRS-934 4 Tonne Spreader

The HRS spreader unit has very narrow blades and an extremely narrow body making the unit ideal for confined space operations. The spreader can be used either directly coupled to the HRS-931 pump or via a hydraulic hose which makes this a highly versatile tool.

Ideal for tight gaps where hands or limbs may need releasing from machinery, vehicles or perhaps collapsed building debris.

HRS-933 16mm Bar Cutter

Cutting solid steel bar has always proved difficult. Scissor cutters are at risk of slipping or breaking and the user is never really in control of the material being sliced.

The HRS-933 bar cutter can cut up to 16mm reinforced rebar and features a bar stabilisation bolt for true control. Supplied with 1m hose attached.

HRS-936/946 Door Opener/Jack

Method of Entry (MOE) and other tactical users requiring tools for breaching and door opening operations can choose between two specialist Ogura tools. HRS-936 is a very compact tool with 4 tonnes of power. HRS-946 has a larger 205 mm opening and 3.5 tonnes of lifting force. Both tools are ideal for door opening and breaching operations. When in the closed position both tools have very thin, but very tough, 3 mm blades. A strike plate on each of the tools allows users to force the tools into tight gaps in doors and panels. Both tools have a handy rubberised handle to aid carrying and positioning.

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Ogura HRS Modular Rescue System supplied by Vimpex

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