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Ogura BC-300F Combi-Tool

by Marcus
Ogura BC-300F Combi-Tool

Ogura BC-300F Combi-Tool supplied by Vimpex

The Ogura BC-300F Combi-Tool is absolutely unique for the following reasons:

  • The lightest
  • The only one using Makita Li-Ion batteries and offering in-vehicle charging
  • The only tool to use removable, field-replaceable blade inserts

At only 14.2 kg, this is the lightest battery-powered Combi-Tool around. As Ogura is the only rescue tool manufacturer with access to Makita batteries, the BC-300F can boast the most advanced power source available with in-vehicle charging options. Able to cut 25 mm bar with a spreading distance of 300 mm and a maximum spreading force of 44.8 tonnes – this battery-powered Combi-Tool will not let you down.

Very narrow in profile, the BC-300F can be held close to the body whilst in use which maximises control and user safety.

In short, the Ogura tool is the most ergonomic of all battery powered Combi-Tools.


  • Low cost removable blade chips significantly reduce cost of ownership
  • Field-replaceable blade inserts
  • Lightweight and compact; offers real portability
  • Revolutionary hydraulic pump gives incredible power
  • No trailing hoses to trip over
  • Immediate deployment
  • 300 mm 5.9 tonne spread
  • 32 tonne cutting pressure
  • Maximum spreading force 44.8 tonnes

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Ogura BC-300F Combi-Tool supplied by Vimpex

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