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OCEANUS Breathing Air Compressor

by Greg Preston
OCEANUS Breathing Air Compressor

OCEANUS Breathing Air Compressor supplied by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

OCEANUS breathing air compressor – The powerful package for professional use.

Durable and robust: Frame, handle and safe filling valve made from rust-free material

Minimum wear: Thanks to piston rings made from innovative high-tech plastic

Impressive performance data: At charging rate of 140 l/min

Really easy to transport: Outstandingly light in weight and easy to handle

The OCEANUS impresses with its excellent performance data: despite being almost identical in size, it can fill a breathing air cylinder up to 40% faster than the JUNIOR II.

Designed for challenging professional applications, it impresses with its durability, mobility and high free air delivery.

Thanks to the corrosion-resistant base frame made from stainless steel, the OCEANUS is the ideal compressor even for tropical climates. It is used on ships, submersibles and expeditions, and is also suitable for use as a paintball compressor, sport shooting compressor or mobile fire service compressor.

A generous oil reserve in the crankcase and the powerful oil pump mean that operation is also possible even at very oblique angles up to 30° (up to 20° in the petrol version).

This quiet and compact unit can be carried easily by a single person and will fit in almost any car boot.

COMPACT LINE – The ultra-compact transportable breathing air compressors, made in Germany.

Compact dimensions: Very light in weight

Versatile application range: For sport diving, fire crews, shipping, medical engineering, paintball, motor sports … to name but a few examples

With unique B-TIMER mini-computer to monitor cartridge saturation: Reliable, easy to install, incredibly durable

Our mobile compressors are right at the cutting edge of technology for transportable breathing air compressors.

The JUNIOR II and OCEANUS COMPACT LINE compressor units are characterised by their ultra-compact dimensions and very low weight.

Our transportable high-pressure compressors are suitable for use in a wide and varied application range: by private divers and in small diving centres, for installation on sailing yachts and cruise ships or for straightforward installation in fire engines or fire stations.

Put your trust in BAUER KOMPRESSOREN and reap the benefits of the outstanding quality and safety offered by the world market leader for breathing air.

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OCEANUS Breathing Air Compressor supplied by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

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