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by Marcus

Nuvair has been manufacturing low and high pressure breathing air systems for the working diver for over 30 years. In recent years Nuvair has expanded beyond diving into the Fire & Safety, Industrial and Paintball compressor markets as well. We offer standard and custom configurations for a wide variety of stationary and portable installations.
Nuvair can create customized compressors to meet your specific needs and guide you through the many configurations that the compressor packages can be purchased in. Our staff understands that needs, budget and comfort level lead to the choices one makes on the type, brand and model of compressor you will be using. Nuvair offers custom configurations of tried and true compressor brands combined with electric, gas or diesel motors of the same caliber.
All Nuvair compressor packages are manufactured in-house and tested before leaving Nuvair. From start to finish our technicians are making sure your compressor package is inspected, tested and delivered on time.
The Company’s CEO and founder, Glenn Huebner, is the innovative force behind many of the Company’s Nitrox Systems. He has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Finance from California State University, Northridge and over 25 years experience in commercial and sport diving and the use of gas producing systems.
The Company’s Production Manager, Danny Graham, assists in the technical design of the Company’s products and is responsible for coordinating the manufacturing process. He is a certified compressor repair technician and has over 15 years experience in the commercial and sport diving industry.

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