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by Marcus

The new NT Hybrid Bag from RESQTEC is the strongest in the industry, with 20% more capacity.

Taking the best rescue bag to new heights

The performance, the ability to lift pointed loads and great stability of the NT bag makes it a rescue bag that can be used in truly any situation. The new design is stronger, lighter, thinner and has even better performance. The name has also changed into NT Hybrid; combining the best of low and high pressure bags.

Design that breaks with limitations

It is the design of the NT Hybrid that is the driving force behind its many features and capabilities. The oval shape forces the bag to stay flat throughout the lift. Its embedded Load Capacity Enhancer (LCE) and Stability Center turns limitations of lifting bags into strengths and ease of use.

Load Capacity Enhancer

The Load Capacity Enhancer itself provides maximized lifting capacity at maximum lifting heights. It prevents capacity loss or the incapability of lifting smaller objects, such as the axle of a truck or l-beams. If only 10% of the surface area is used, the Load Capacity Enhancer still delivers 100% lifting capacity. This ensures that the NT Hybrid requires very limited contact area to fully utilize its lifting capacity.

Stability Center

The stacking of bags is often needed to create height. When making a high lift, side forces are working on the bags and a side load is automatically created putting the bags at an angle. It makes sense that only mechanically connected bags can create a safe, stable stack. That is why the NT Hybrid is equipped with the Stability Center. The Stability Center consists of a metal core with threaded connectors in the middle that allow the bags to follow the load (the angle as a result of the side load).

Another powerful feature is the modularity. With the NT Hybrid you can easily fill gaps when necessary by either a) connecting 2 or more NT Hybrid bags or by b) connecting the optional PowerPlate and use interlocking cribbing blocks. In either situation full lifting capacity, stability and safety remains unaffected. As expected, the NT Hybrid seamlessly integrates with other Resqtec equipment such as the ProFix Max stabilization system.

The NT hybrid bag can be used to rescue entrapped people from underneath busses, trucks, trains and even from underneath collapsed buildings. Any scenario, always an answer is an understatement when it comes to the NT Hybrid.

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