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Normal Pressure Vehicle Pumps

by Marcus

Firefly’s Normal Pressure Vehicle Mounting pumps are well reputed not only in India but also in many other foreign countries. These pumps are CE approved; meet international standards, Comply EN 1028. We offer a wide range in these types of pumps. We offer a series of high quality Normal Pressure Fire Pumps. All pumps in these categories are equipped with fully automatic, ‘PRIMATIC’ reciprocating priming system.

Some salient features of Normal Pressure Vehicle Mounting Pumps

Single stage centrifugal design pump has less number of rotating parts resulting into extended life of the Pump.
Available in high strength sea water resistant light aluminum alloy or gunmetal construction as option.
Improved self adjusting mechanical carbon Seal having excellent dry running abilities.
Extremely low maintenance design.
Suitable for any Indian / foreign make chassis.
New modular design having delivery manifold with monitor outlet as standard.
reverse rotation and gear box options available
Water ring priming in fully automatic as an option for Primatic.
Extremely easy & convenient pump mounting.
Complete interchangeability of pump spares.
Prompt after sales service.

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