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Nightstick Announces New Safety-Rated Headlamp

by Marcus
Nightstick Announces New Safety-Rated Headlamp Model XPP-5453G

Nightstick Announces New Class I Division 1 Safety-Rated Headlamp. Model XPP-5453G is over 20% brighter with multiple attachment options.

When bright, hands-free lighting in hazardous work environments is required, professionals turn to Nightstick for all their Intrinsically Safe (IS) lighting needs. Adding to the family, today Nightstick is proud to announce the latest safety rated headlamp, model XPP-5453G. Certified cULus intrinsically safe, model 5453G produces 220 lumens of bright, reliable, hands-free white light to illuminate the darkest work surfaces, walkways, and service panels where explosive gases and dust may be present.

There has been an enormous demand for more powerful (IS) headlamps with a Class I Division 1 rating, and Nightstick solves that problem with the new XPP-5453G and its multiple attachment options.

The 5453G headlamp features a multi-position tilt head design and includes a rubber hard hat strap, elastic non-slip headband as well as 3M™ Dual Lock™ fastener for zero band applications. A single switch conveniently operates the sharp and direct spot, wide cast flood, and then combined in Dual Light™ mode.

Weighing a mere 3.5 oz and rated at an impressive 220 lumens, the XPP-5453G delivers certified lighting in the most demanding hazardous environments. It is constructed with durable, thick-walled engineered polymer and can outlast the demand of the most challenging worksites.

Nightstick Announces New Safety-Rated Headlamp
Nightstick Announces New Safety-Rated Headlamp Model XPP-5453G

“The Nightstick XPP-5453G provides a more powerful option for the IS market that hard-working hazardous environment professionals can afford,” says Russell Hoppe, Marketing Director for Nightstick. “This headlamp provides a sharp, focused beam for navigation to and from the workspace that switches to a soft area floodlight with the click of a button.

Utilizing double fault analysis, the XPP-5453G carries a Class I Division 1 A-D gas groups (hydrogen, acetylene, propane, and methane) and a T3C temperature rating (320º F).

A limited lifetime warranty supports the Nightstick XPP-5453G headlamp, which is now in stock and available for immediate purchase. To learn more, please visit www.nightstick.com.

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