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Niedner TIDALWAVE 600 Fire Hose

by Greg Preston
Niedner TIDALWAVE 600 Fire Hose

The Niedner TIDALWAVE 600 Fire Hose is a unique lightweight 6” (152mm) large diameter hose capable of significant water flow at higher pressures. TIDALWAVE 600™ is a 100% polyester double jacket, 300 PSIG (2100 kPa) service test pressure rated attack, relay and supply hose.

Lined with TPU elastomer for flexibility, light weight and compactness, the Niedner TIDALWAVE 600 Fire Hose occupies less space and has a higher service pressure rating than conventional rubber covered LDH. The ENCAP™ treated outer jacket improves durability, reduces water absorption up to 40%, enhances chemical resistance and adds color options.

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