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New Power Pusher Ram from Resqtec

by Marcus

The new Power Pusher ram – Great ram capability without the need of a dedicated ram.

The Power Pusher ram is an excellent addition to any rescue set. Save cost when there is a switch to a battery driven set or as an addition to a heavy rescue set without a dedicated ram. Always be ready for any pusher ram action with this easy to use ram with great capacity, no matter which spreading device is available.

Use the spreader equipment you already have on the scene ( both hydraulic or battery driven) and start using the Power Pusher ram. No need to connect, always ready for action, just place the pusher ram and spread.

No Hydraulics needed
The Power Pusher ram provides great ram capability using any spreader system available.
However, we offer the opportunity to work completely without hydraulics using the P4 EDD Spreader. The combination of great spreading performance using a small spreader tool and the 8.2 ton capacity pusher ram gives you the safest and easiest solution.

Load holding capability
Create a safe and stable situation using the locking position and hold your loads with the pusher ram. When in locked position the Power Pusher can hold up to 8.2 ton.

Variable 360 position of the handle by using the thumb screw
Use the Power Pusher ram in any position as needed! The 360 handle can be positioned anywhere around the piston, depending on the job you have to do. Remove the handle completely if you have a confined space job.

Manually extension
Place the Power Pusher and extend by hand for a fast start of your operation.
Lock the system to secure the load and use a spreader for your pusher actions.

Optimized grip and great extensions
Create optimized grip and length using the V-Series accessories and extensions. Be ready for every situation with the Ram adapter and several accessories. Connect 2 Power Pushers with the Multi connector and have extra length and capacity. System can be used in various situations; extrication, collapsed building, confined space and stabilization.

2 Sizes available to work as a team.
Use the both models as a team, the larger ram can take over when the smaller version comes to his limit. Use the locking system to secure the load and place the second pusher ram.

For more information please visit https://resqtec.com/rescue/

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