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New Portable Battery Fan

by Marcus

New Portable Battery Fan from LEADER which is powerful and lightweight for completely self-contained operation!

Powerful and Lightweight

LEADER continues to be a major player in the PPV world having recently developed the BATfan, powerful mobile fan (24 050 m/h) and lightweight allowing self-contained operations.

Two Versions to Choose:

– BATfan 20 : 20 minutes runtime / total weight of 23,5 kg
– BATfan 45 : 45 minutes runtime / total weight of 27,5 kg


The BATfan is equipped with a battery, which makes it completely autonomous in operation. Moreover, it does not need to be connected to a power source, which avoids the complications of an accident due to cables dragging on the ground.

Compact and Mobile

Lightweight and equipped with a strap and a carrying handle, it is portable by one person alone.

Foldable, it stows easily in the trunk of a vehicle. Two BATfans occupy the space of one conventional fan.

Quick and easy to set up

The BATfan is faster to set up than conventional fans. Indeed, equipped with a battery, it is fully autonomous and can start immediately without wasting time searching for a power outlet.

Multi-Functional Equipment

This multi-use fan can be used indoors and outdoors, on its own at a building entrance for PPV, in conjunction with other fans for combined PPV tactics, in blowing mode or as a foam generator.

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