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New Layer of Safety for MSA SCBA’s

by Greg Preston
New Layer of Safety for MSA SCBA

Introducing a new layer of safety for MSA SCBA’s – the MSA SLS.

The integrated monitoring unit SingleLine SCOUT combines the advantages of MSA’s unique SL hose-in-hose technology with an easy to use personal alert safety system (PASS). It can be easily mounted to any MSA AirGo or AirMaXX SCBA with SingleLine pneumatics.

New Layer of Safety for MSA SCBA

The integration of the SingleLine SCOUT into the pressure system of the SCBA allows an easy and fast activation by simply opening the cylinder. The optional start-up tightness check clearly displays and documents the status of the SLS. During operation the SLS keeps track of all events and automatically creates an incident log file. With the wireless connection, the log file can be transferred for review in the MSA A2 Software, which also allows to adjust user settings and configurations according to local regulations or preferences.

For increased user safety, the SLS offers two independent pressure measurements – a pressure sensor and an easy to read luminescent mechanical gauge with a 20° angled face. Multi-colour LED’s (green, yellow, red) indicate the pressure state when the SLS is lifted and when passing a pressure threshold. Additional ultra bright buddy lights are activated with any alarm. In combination with the 105db(A) acoustic signal, full-alarms are easy to identify. The intuitive one-button control of the SLS eases operation and reduces interactions to a minimum.

New Layer of Safety for MSA SCBA

Each SingleLine SCOUT can be equipped with an optional SLS Safety Key to activate the motion detection or mute acoustic alarms during rescue operations.

In addition to the ease of use, the SLS convinces through a low cost of ownership by design. Besides the simple retrofitting to MSA SCBA’s, the device can be tested as standard gauge. Due to the digital sensor, there is no need for additional pneumatic tests and calibrations. The Energizer L91 batteries that are included in the scope of delivery have a 38% lower weight and a eight times higher capacity than standard batteries to keep the SLS running for more than 24 months (2 x 12 months).

With its ease of use, ease of service and ease of tracking and documentation, the SLS adds a new level of safety to your MSA SCBA!

For further information please contact your local MSA channel partner or visit MSAsafety.com

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