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New 12 bar Lifting Stak Jak Range from MFC International

by Greg Preston
New 12 bar Lifting Stak Jak Range from MFC International

The New 12 bar lifting Stak Jak range from MFC International provides increased lift capacity & stability.

The new Stak Jak from MFC International has several advantages over traditional ovoid lifting cushions including the ability to safely stack up to three cushions together.

The Stak Jak is a revolutionary flat-profile lifting cushion developed for vehicle and heavy-duty lifting requirements. Primarily used in emergency rescue situations, they are also suitable for a wide range of industrial, mining and military applications.

The flat profile of the Stak Jak has several distinct advantages over traditional ovoid lifting cushions of which the most significant is the ability to safely stack up to three cushions together. This enables a greater lifting height without the risk of sudden ejection or instability that can occur when stacking ovoid mats.

Stak Jaks have a slim profile for tight space scenarios and compact storage. They are constructed from compression-moulded neoprene that is reinforced with exceptionally tough high tensile Polyaramid cord (DuPont™ Kevlar®) that provides strength and rigidity, yet are light enough to be carried by just one person. The outer, hot-vulcanised, neoprene cover features a non-slip matrix pattern on both surfaces to increase friction and holding capability.

Stak Jaks can be inflated quickly to provide an instant lift, making them ideal for use in rapid response emergency situations. They also have a controlled deflation facility if required.

Our 12 bar Stak Jaks are intended for lifting, lowering, positioning, separating and moving of loads weighing up to 90.000 kg (90.0 tonne) per bag.

Using special neoprene material allows the Stak Jak to be used within a temperature range of -30°C to +90°C.

MFC International are a specialist manufacturer of inflatable rescue, recovery, survival and sewer maintenance equipment based in Tonypandy, South Wales. Our equipment is used by fire brigades, mountain and lowland rescue, utilities, the military and humanitarian support organisations internationally and we have earned an unrivalled reputation for our product quality, durability and performance.

Founded in 1959 at the old Naval Colliery site in Tonypandy, the company (then called MFC Survival) started by manufacturing life jackets and life rafts for the Royal Navy and South Wales commercial shipping ports. Over time the focus shifted towards the design and manufacture of specialist inflatable products for the defence and rescue industries.

MFC quickly became a respected name in the field of technical inflatable products and boasts an impressive history of innovation; we were the original inventor of airlift bags, the first to manufacture aircraft recovery bags and one of the first to introduce inflatable shelters.

In July 2013 MFC became part of the Respirex International group of companies, who enjoy a worldwide reputation for the manufacture, service and support of high performance chemical personal protective clothing and equipment.

Since becoming a part of the Respirex group there has been a renewed emphasis on product development, with a host of new product introductions including the RC4000 Rescue Craft, Recovery Board, Evacuation Raft and a range of Decontamination showers. The Rapid Response Shelters have been completely re-designed and the Stak Jak lifting mats are now being manufactured in our South Wales factory.

There has been continuous investment in new tools and machinery in our South Wales factory, including new presses to mould our own high pressure lifting mats and an autoclave for manufacturing our new range of products for sewer maintenance. This means the whole process from design to manufacture is carried out in under one roof. To reflect the expansion of our product range we changed the name of the business to MFC International in the summer of 2017.

For more information on our new Stak Jak range, please click here and contact us.

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