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NEUTRAL PLUS supplied by BIOex

NEUTRAL PLUS is a synthetic foam concentrate usable at 6% to neutralize acid and alkaline gaseous vapours.


NEUTRAL PLUS is specially designed to suppress toxic vapours that are characterized by the release into the atmosphere of gaseous substances.

They can be of varying origins:

– Pressurized gas: phosgene, ethylene oxide, vinyl chloride, ammonia or even chlorine, etc.

– Decomposition by contact with water: TiCl4, POCl3, SOCl2…

– Thermal reaction: silanes …

– Concentrated solutions: hydrochloric acid, ammonia…

These solvents have a high destructive capability of fire-fighting foams.
In some cases, the application of conventional foams is strongly discouraged as the reaction can be violent.

After application, NEUTRAL PLUS foam makes a stable barrier impervious to toxic vapours. It must be continually renewed until the product has been collected.

Especially useful in unloading zones, NEUTRAL PLUS for example makes it possible to control a leak while waiting for the emergency services to get organized and for the substance to be pumped.

NEUTRAL PLUS is usable at Low and Medium Expansion.


NEUTRAL PLUS is easily biodegradable.


  • Usable at Low and Medium Expansion
  • Usable at 6%
  • Minimum application rate on non-reactive products: 10 l/m2.min
  • Minimum application rate on reactive products: 20 l/m2.min

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NEUTRAL PLUS supplied by BIOex

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