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by Greg Preston
NCT USA 2021

Dates: 07/09/2021 > 09/09/2021
Venue: Aberdeen Proving Ground, Edgewood, MD, USA
Event Website: nct-events.com/event/nct-usa/

Jointly Sponsored by the CBRNe Society and CCDC CBC, NCT USA will welcome the highest decision makers from the national CBRNe, C-IED, EOD Community, again providing a networking and knowledge exchange platform for local & federal first responders, as well as industry leaders in the fields of CBRNe, C-IED and EOD. Over the duration of three days, NCT USA will feature a Conference, Exhibition and the 6th edition of the NCT PRO Training. Based on the success of the previous editions, the NCT PRO Training will foster interoperability of responders and introduce them to the latest CBRNe, C-IED and EOD technologies.

Collaboration between the public and the private sector as well as the use of the newest technologies are key factors capable of countering CBRNe threats. In the USA, as well as in many other countries, it is of significant importance to adopt a multi-level and interdisciplinary approach in order to face the complexity of the challenges CBRNe threats can pose.


NCT will be hosting its third edition of the multi-agency, international NCT PRO Trainings at NCT USA 2021. Civil and military first responders will be trained to respond to a real-life CBRNe, C-IED/EOD scenario together with a response team from another local county, from a federal agency, or from a specialized military unit. This will be preceded with training on the latest technologies provided by the industry sponsors, allowing teams to practice using the latest equipment prior to using them in the scenario for the most efficient, rapid and coordinated training.

Whether during the famous NCT USA BBQ or in the NCT Expo Tour, you will have the chance to meet leading industry representatives, organizations and high-level decision makers from the U.S. and beyond contributing their expertise and newest strategies against CBRNe and IED Threats. In our past editions, we have welcomed representatives from: FEMA, JPEO-CBD, ECBC, FBI, DTRA, DHS, Special Operations Command, NYPD, FDNY, the Boston Bomb Squad and many more!

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