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NCT Europe 2023

by Marcus

NCT Europe 2023 has been designed and thought to anticipate our upcoming “in-person” NCT Europe event in Onderzeebootloods, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

NCT Europe will enable attendees to connect with the community two months prior to the physical event and actively engage in networking and knowledge exchange. Join us and meet NCT CBRNe and eXplosive Europe participants prior to the “in-person” event and setup “live” meetings. Get your own virtual booth to promote your products and brand!

NCT Europe 2023 will give you the opportunity to exchange knowledge, build partnerships and promote innovation in a unique immersive way. As an attendee, you will have the possibility to experience a close-to-reality NCT event, providing you with the same business networking and learning opportunities, while adapting to the new world’s rules and ensuring your safety by staying at home!

Over the duration of two half-days, NCT Europe 2023 will gather key stakeholders from the European CBRNe, C-IED, EOD Community in a unique platform. High level speakers will share their knowledge during multiple conference sessions, while the industry exhibition will give attendees the opportunity to learn about new technologies in a realistic and interactive environment. Multiple networking opportunities will offer the possibly to interact with delegates and exhibitors through private chats, group discussions, video chats. The event will provide a unique setting to discuss potential future cooperation and learn about R&D projects through the newly introduced Call for Papers.

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