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MWM Series PPV Fans

by Marcus
MWM Series PPV Fan

The MWM Series PPV Fans radial ppv fan type MWM with 3-phase-A.C. motor. It is supplied in explosion-proof design according to VDMA 24169 and is certified for fire fighting equipment use in zones 1 and 2. Additionally the plug is also explosion-proof.

Radial version with hose connection

The radial fans in the MWM series shown below are the ideal devices when higher pressure levels are required, such as when connecting several hoses.

As well as powerful three-phase motors, we supply types with alternating current motors that can be operated from any lighting socket.

It goes without saying that both drive variants are available with explosion protection acc. to VDMA 24169.

The highest mobility is offered by fans with a petrol engine.

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