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MT236 NEO Firefighting Petrol-Driven PPV Fan

by Marcus
MT236 NEO PPV Petrol-Driven Fan

MT236 NEO Firefighting Petrol-Driven PPV Fan supplied by LEADER

MT236 NEO Firefighting Petrol-Driven PPV Fan – 51,650 m³/h


Easy POW’AIR Technology

A very concentrated and ultra-powerful jet of air due to an optimal combination of:

  • A high-strength propeller matched to the power of the engine
  • A red double-layer monobloc shroud made of reinforced high-density polyethylene
  • A high-tech composite grille

Positioning from 0.90 m to 6 m in front of a door without loss of power for:

  • more space to move about
  • less noise inside the building

Automatic optimal +10° tilt when handle raised

Precise tilt adjustment from +10° to +20° for optimization of direction of air stream up entrance steps

Protective frame with grey epoxy coating

Stable & easy to handle with large rear wheels

Compact for easy storage in vehicle trunks

Characteristics of the MT236 PPV Petrol-Driven Fan;

  • Open air flow: 51 650 m³/h
  • PPV air flow according to AMCA: 33 660 m³/h
  • Weight (dry): 39,6 kg
  • Dimensions: L x H x D 550 x 550 x 515 mm
  • Propeller diameter: 420 mm
  • Run time at full speed: 2h10
  • Engine:
  • HONDA GX 160 engine (4-stroke)
  • Automatic engine cutout if oil runs out.
  • Assembly inspected and approved by Honda Motor Co., Ltd
  • Engine power: 4.8 HP according to standard SAE J1349 of 2007
  • Noise level: 93 dB at 3 m
  • Ventilation type: PPV blowing
  • Application: Single door, e.g. house, small apartment block
  • -10° prop for negative tilt of fan


MT236 NEO Firefighting Petrol-Driven PPV Fan supplied by LEADER

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