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MSA SingleLine SCOUT Integrated Monitoring Unit

by Greg Preston
MSA SingleLine SCOUT Integrated Monitoring Unit

Supplied by MSA

The integrated MSA SingleLine SCOUT Integrated Monitoring Unit combines the advantages of MSA’s unique SL hose-in-hose technology with a multi-purpose manifold, motionless sensor and an easy to use personal alert safety system (PASS). While monitoring the complete operation of the user, the SLS ads a new safety layer to the SCBA. All relevant information is easily accessible in the user’s chest area.

Any MSA AirGo or AirMaXX SCBA with SingleLine pneumatics can be easily retrofitted with the SLS.

MSA SingleLine SCOUT Integrated Monitoring Unit Highlights

Ease of use – Increased safety

  • Automatic and fast activation simply open the cylinder – with optional integrated tightness check
  • Luminescent mechanical gauge with integrated LEDs indicating the pressure state in green, yellow, red
  • Easy operation with intuitive one-button control
  • Integrated alarm procedures start either automatically or manually
  • Clearly identifiable visual and acoustic alarms (up to 105 dB)
  • Mechanical pressure warning for increased user safety
  • Additional bright buddy lights when any SLS alarm activates
  • Integrated motion sensor activates full body alarm

Ease of service – Low Cost of ownership

  • Low cost of ownership by design
  • Easy retrofit to MSA SCBA with SingleLine pneumatics
  • Testing as standard gauge (no need for additional pneumatic tests and calibrations)
  • Batteries with up to 8 times higher battery capacity and lower weight guarantee efficient stand-by management (more than 12 months)

Ease of tracking and documentation – MSA A2 Software

  • Tracking of all events during operation with automatically created incident log file for review
  • Wireless and secure data transfer to SLS RFID reader connected to MSA’s A2 Software
  • Transferred incident logs are stored in the connected database and can be easily selected and analyzed

Markets: Fire Service, Industrial, Oil & Gas
Applications: Firefighting, Search & Rescue


  • Optional Safety Key to manually activate motion detection or to mute acoustic alarms
  • Variety of user settings and optional configurations according to local regulations or user preferences (e.g. pressure warnings, thresholds for LED settings, tightness check)
  • Configurations with AirGo and AirMaXX SCBA on request (ATO Code)

MSA Safety

MSA SingleLine SCOUT Integrated Monitoring Unit supplied by MSA

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