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MSA M1 Control Module

by Marcus

MSA M1 Control Module supplied by MSA Safety

The integrated MSA M1 Control Module full colour digital display gives clear pressure and alarm indication. For assured safety the luminescent mechanical gauge shows the pressure status even if the battery is empty.

The M1 Control Module is available with long-range radio telemetry option for electronic incident monitoring.


  • Electronical pressure sensor for easy and fast activation, simply by opening the cylinder
  • Two pressure indicators (mechanical gauge and full colour digital display)
  • Automatic gauge lighting indicates pressure state / remaining service time (green, yellow, red) when device is lifted and when passing a pressure threshold
  • Clearly identifiable acoustic alarms combined with easy to understand display messages
  • Slot for optional Safety Key to manually activate motion detection or mute acoustic alarms


  • Easy to identify mode and alarm buttons
  • One hand operation and ambidextrous button support
  • Display with 20° angled face for easy reading


  • Optional integrated tightness check
  • Assured safety with luminescent mechanical gauge giving pressure status even if battery is empty
  • Integrated alarm procedures start either automatically or manually using the distress button
  • Ultra-bright buddy lights for greater visibility in dark or smoke-filled environments
  • Integrated motion sensor activates full body alarm (up to 24 hours at maximum sound level)


  • Easy retrofit to any MSA SCBA with Classic Line (standard thread allows direct connection to gauge line)
  • Easy to clean (machine washable with entire M1 SCBA)
  • Testing as standard gauge (due to digital sensor no need for additional pneumatic tests and calibrations)
  • Battery state indication without turning on the device
  • Magnetic charging adapter for fast and easy charging of battery directly on the device


  • NFC for easy personalization
  • Bluetooth for A2 software access to memory and customization of settings and for optional MSA ALTAIR 4XR/5X BT reading access
  • Optional telemetry interface (EU/UK/AS/NZ), backwards compatible and future-ready


  • M1 Control Module EU, AS/NZ – standard sounds and setup
  • M1 Control Module UK – BS defined sounds and settings
  • M1 Control Module with integrated longe-range radio – EU 868.5 MHz – 869.5 MHz
  • M1 Control Module with integrated longe-range radio – UK 469.5 MHz
  • M1 Control Module with integrated longe-range radio – AS/NZ 915.3 MHz – 917 MHz


  • CE 0158
  • EN137
  • Ex ia IIC T4 Ga –30°C – +60°C
  • IECEx: II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga –30°C – +60°C
  • IP 66/67

Part Number: 10198771

M1 Control Module with telemetry – EU

Part Number: 10198772

M1 Control Module with telemetry – AS/NZ

Part Number: 10198774

M1 Control Module w/o telemetry

MSA Safety

MSA M1 Control Module supplied by MSA Safety

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