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MSA Helmet Mounted Lighting Solutions

by Greg Preston
MSA Helmet Mounted Lighting Solutions

Supplied by MSA

When working in fire & rescue environment, it is essential to have a good view of any potential hazards and risks. Short, medium and long range, MSA Helmet Mounted Lighting Solutions cover all firefighter needs.


  • Hands free operation with light always directed to the target
  • ATEX approved for use in hazardous areas
  • Constant LED illumination over nominal burn time
  • Specific helmet attachment, safe and angle adjustable, ergonomic position on lower part of helmet
  • Robust, compact and functional lamp design
  • Variety of performance and operating concepts for different applications
  • Water resistant or water proof according to the model

Markets: Fire Service, Oil & Gas
Applications: Search & Rescue, Confined Space, Firefighting

MSA Safety

MSA Helmet Mounted Lighting Solutions supplied by MSA

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