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MSA Gravity Utility ASTM Harness

by Greg Preston
MSA Gravity Utility ASTM Harness

Supplied by MSA

The MSA Gravity Utility ASTM Harness that can be used in a diverse number of applications like: Confined Space, Rescue, Transmission Tower, Telecom Tower, Rope Access, and many others.
Using the MSA Gravity Utility ASTM Harness you will also be protected by a fall and in addition the harness has been tested to continue to provide protection when an arc flash occurs.


Attachment options:

  • Front Loops – Fall arrest, suspension, positioning
  • Dorsal – Fall arrest, suspension, positioning, restraint;
  • Shoulder Loops – Suspension, confined space entry;
  • Ventral – Suspension;
  • Waist o Rings – Positioning, restraint;
  • Buckles are easy to adjust and do not slip during use;
  • HI-VIZ® : day and night work, also near public roads with heavy traffic;
  • Built in load indicator or end of service life;
  • Traceability : RFID – located in the label;
  • Worker capacity up to 140kg;

Additional features to ASTM version:

  • Waist and leg padding with flame resistant fabrics using aramid fibers like Kevlar;
  • The reflective tape is flame retardant treated cotton fabric;
  • Buckles and D-Rings that are PVC Coated have an isolation tests 9KV
  • All of the webbing for this harness is made from Nylon, having a minimum static strength of
  • 7000 lbf (as per the requirement by ASTM F887);

Markets: Utilities
Applications: Working at Heights, Arc Flash


The following approvals and qualifications are available globally. Please check the part number in your region for the actual approvals or qualifications on that product.

ANSI Z359.1 – 2007,
ABNT – NBR 15.835,15.836,
EN 361, 358, 813,
AS/NZS 1891.1:2007
CA 34718
European certification
EC TYPE-Examination Certificate: 2787

MSA Safety

MSA Gravity Utility ASTM Harness supplied by MSA

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