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MSA Bristol X4

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MSA Bristol X4

MSA Bristol X4 supplied by MSA Safety

MSA Bristol X4 Firefighting Protective Clothing is designed to ergonomically fit the wearer, reduce bulk throughout the garment, and minimize the weight carried by the firefighter. It does this while incorporating unique safety features such as the integrated rescue sling and drag rescue device (DRD) system. The Bristol X4 offers premium comfort for structural firefighting, developed in collaboration with end-users to fit purpose.

  • Premium structural firefighting kits (coat and trousers) including most desired applications such as integrated rescue sling and Drag Rescue Device (DRD) system
  • Premium material combinations selected to maximize thermal protection and breathability while reducing weight
  • Ergonomic design to reduce weight and bulk to allow freedom of movement
  • Variety of extra features to maximise comfort
  • Integrated DRD System accessible at the upper back of a coat and integrated into the trousers at the knee – to allow a downed firefighter to be carried in an emergency situation.
  • Integrated Rescue Sling (consisting of integrated belt, lanyard, and carabiner) for added safety when working at heights. Access can be hidden beneath the closure flap, while click closure system can be operated also when wearing gloves. Side pockets make the system accessible when zipper and flap is closed.

The MSA Bristol X4 conforms to the following standards:

  • EN343:2019 – Protective clothing – Protection against rain
  • EN469:2020 Level 2 – Protective clothing for firefighters – Performance requirements for protective clothing for firefighting activities
  • EN1149.5:2018 – Protective clothing. Electrostatic properties Material performance and design requirements.

MSA Safety

MSA Bristol X4 supplied by MSA Safety

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