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MFV-MP-1040 supplied by Firefly Fire Pumps

Multi Pressure Vehicle Mounting Fire Fighting Pumps – High Low Pressure Truck Fire Fighting Pumps

  • Low Pressure Rated Duty Point – 4000 LPM at 10 BAR & 4500 LPM at 7 BAR
  • High Pressure Rated Duty Point – 250 LPM at 40 BAR & 400 LPM at 40 BAR
  • Confirms EN 1028 & NFPA 1901

Key Features

  • Both High Pressure & Low Pressure can be operated simultaneously or individually
  • Single Lever Actuation from Low Pressure to High Pressure
  • Available in Three Materials – Aluminum, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel
  • Modular Suction & Delivery Manifold Design makes easy to Install
  • Equipped with Fast, Reliable & Fully Automatic Priming System – ‘E-Primatic’
  • Inbuilt Thermal Relief Valve & Pressure Relief Valve for Safety
  • Specially designed maintenance free mechanical seal
  • CW & CCW both Rotations available


Rated Performance – Low Pressure
4000 LPM at 10 BAR

Other Duty Points – (Low Pressure)
4500 LPM at 7 BAR
4500 LPM at 10 BAR

Rated Performance – High Pressure
400 LPM at 40 BAR

Other Duty Points – (High Pressure)
250 LPM at 40 BAR
300 LPM at 35 BAR
300 LPM at 40 BAR

Maximum Outlet Low Pressure
17.5 BAR

Maximum Outlet High Pressure
54.5 BAR

1 x 140 mm

4 x 63 mm

7 mtrs within 36 seconds

UL & CE Certified

FireFly Fire Pumps

MFV-MP-1040 supplied by FireFly Fire Pumps

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