by Marcus

Located in Le Puy St Bonnet, near Cholet in France, MCD has been making aluminium roller shutters for dedicated fire and utility vehicles since 1989.
A very simple replacement of the conventional openning door for utility vehicles and lorries, the roll-up door attracted first the fire fighters to its low obstruction level, providing safe access and easy handling for material. Furthermore, the opening volume leads to a level of performance and accuracy in a compartmentalised layout which is appropriate for such kind of emergency vehicles.
The performance and usage characteristics of our products have convinced the body builders to adopt this safe and efficient system for others kind of vehicles: delivery, workshop, road services, airport, recovery trucks.
Associating qualities of craftsmanship and precision of industrial production, MCD exports throughout the world. Today, MCD’s market fulfils more than 90% of national requirements, and is the most important supplier for fire protection vehicles in Europe. Its products are sold in more than fifty countries across Europe, Asia, Middle east, America. MCD also possesses one production centre in Poland.
The success of this devlopment and conquest of internationnal market is based on the fundamental principle of the company: quality, respect of specifications, avaibility, fast answer and the openness with which we listen to our partners and clients.
Today, the slogan “Research and Innovation” means that the company continues to convince and find new clients with its skills, devlopments in the face of international market expectation which is more and more demanding.

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