Mars-E 5F

by Marcus

Mars-E 5F supplied by ESKA Gloves

Cut-resistant heat-protective glove

The short leather firefighter glove Mars-E 5F has a 100 % Kevlar® knitted cuff and offers highest cut protection. The robust Fire Block leather has no shrinkage, even at the highest temperatures and the cut-resistant lining protects against cuts and sharp edges.

The glove is ideal for competitions (TFA and FCC challenges).


The short tactile firefighting glove Mars-E 5F made of leather, has a 100 % Kevlar® knitted cuff and a completely new design. Mars-E 5F consists of a robust and soft Fire Block leather and provides maximum flame and water resistance and has no shrinkage, even at the highest temperatures (0% according to ISO 17493/EN 659, although maximum 5% are permitted).

The knuckle protection and reinforcement in the stressed area provide optimum abrasion and heat protection. The Fire Block leather in the palm offers maximum grip on wet and smooth surfaces. Due to the revolutionary, multilayered cut-resistant lining made of Kevlar®/Inox/LCP, Mars 5F has high performance protection against cuts and sharp edges.

The 100 % Kevlar® knitted cuff provides a secure fixing under a jacket. The reflective logo and lateral piping made of reflective materials are for better visibility. All mechanical and thermal maximum values were achieved both in a new condition and after pretreatment consisting of 20 washes at 30 °C.

The anatomical, layered 3D cut is adjusted to the natural posture of our hands, to guarantee the best possible fit and freedom of movement. We use only European materials, which undergo strict quality control in Austria. The gloves for firefighters are available in versions with a 100% Kevlar® knitted cuff (Mars-E 5F model) or with a long cuff (Mars 5F model).

Technology & Material

  • Fire Block leather
  • Kevlar®
  • Ergonomic 3D cut
  • Cut-resistant lining

Material structure

Fire Block Leather

Fire Block Leather

Kevlar®, Cut-resistant lining made of Kevlar®/Inox/LCP

Performance levels

  • Certifications EN 659:2003 + A1:2008
  • Abrasion in new condition
  • Abrasion after 20 washes
  • Cut resistance in new condition
  • Cut resistance after 20 washes
  • Tear resistance in new condition
  • Tear resistance after 20 washes
  • Puncture resistance in new condition
  • Puncture resistance after 20 washes
  • Cut resistance TDM in new condition F
  • Cut resistance TDM after 20 washes F
  • EN 407:2020 Burning behaviour
  • Dexterity in new condition
  • Dexterity after 20 washes

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Mars-E 5F supplied by ESKA Gloves

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