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by Marcus

Marine Firefighting Inc is available for Lectures, Seminars and Consulting. We will tailor the time and content to match the specific needs of your Department and vessels. The expertise and experience gained in over 30 years of structural and marine firefighting in the FDNY is used to provide lectures, seminars and fire/emergency scenarios.
We can also conduct a port risk assessment to detirmine if the dangers withing your port can be handled with the existing resources.
We are available to work with Land Based Firefighters (professional or volunteer), with mariners and marina operators. Our presentations can be delivered at your training facility, marina, or we can create “Vessel Specific” training and realistic fire/emergency scenarios on the vessels of your fleet.
If you are a Fire Department, you don’t even have to have a commercial port in your district to need this information. If you are only near a body of water that commercial ships and ferries use, you may be called in the event of an engine room fire or explosion.

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