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by Marcus

Mainstream Dry Hydrants Inc. is a leading promoter, supplier and installer of top quality, dry hydrant systems for rural Fire Departments.
The proprietor of Mainstream Dry Hydrants, Mike Swarbrick, a former volunteer firefighter and contractor learned that immediate access to water in rural and suburban areas was a critical concern for rural fire departments. “As a former firefighter, I’ve experienced dragging ice augers, portable pumps and cold stiff hose lines down onto frozen ponds and rivers over rough terrain in the middle of the night. I’ve seen augers that wouldn’t start right away and I’ve felt the frustration of trying to get at the water while the trucks were waiting.” Mike started marketing and installing dry fire hydrants in 1999, primarily through this website. Since then, he’s supplied dry hydrant components to fire departments, municipalities and commercial enterprises throughout North America and has installed at least twenty-five locations within the Canadian Province of Ontario. “Working with rural fire departments is a great opportunity to help develop and implement strategic fire planning where it is needed most; in rural communities where water is usually plentiful but difficult to access. The outcome is fantastic from a firefighter and property owner’s point of view. Reduced insurance rates, road maintenance, response times and injuries are a bonus.”
City of Ottawa, Sector Chief Gerry Pingitore reports: ” Our dry hydrant network in the former municipality of West Carleton, most of which were installed by Mr. Swarbrick, has decreased our response time and allows us the ability to maintain the Fire Underwriters Superior Tanker Shuttle Equivalent to hydrant rating classification with the shuttling of fewer tankers. This results in a savings of fuel and wear and tear of department vehicles. We all know how critical it is to be able to access water quickly. It means we spend less time auguring ice and setting up portable pumps and more time fighting fires.”

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