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Magirus TLF 4000 Fire Truck

by Greg Preston
Magirus TLF 4000 Fire Truck

Customized solutions with unlimited extinguishing power: With its large-dimension tank this customized tank pumper Magirus TLF 4000 Fire Truck meets all your needs for additional gear or a roomy crew compartment. Whether you have a forest fire-fighting mission, a mission on the motorway, whether it’s in an urban or an rural area: the flexible TLF 4000 is the right vehicle for support with fire-fighting water. Foam tanks and pressure foam proportioning systems are available as options. This vehicle type can also be realized according to the national standards and regulations of many countries.

General Information

  • Optimally suited for fire-fighting without paved roads and in rugged terrain with all-wheel chassis
  • High extinguishing agent volumes water / foam
  • Rear pump: 2,000 l / min
  • GFK water tank: 4,000 l

Magirus TLF 4000 Fire Truck Options

  • Pressure foam proportioning system: CaddiSys (with electric drive) or FireDos (with hydraulic drive)
  • Roof monitor: water / foam
  • Ground self-protection sprinkler system on both axles
  • Pressure outlet for fire-fighting water at the front of the vehicle
  • Choice of crew or group cab 1 + 5 / 1 + 8 (Note national specifications)
  • Light mast: pneumatic, floodlights in halogen, xenon or LED technology
  • Superstructure lighting: LED technology
  • Warning system: integrated Magirus M-Flash LED technolgy
  • Traffic warning system: LED technology
  • Alternative warning and signalling systems
  • Pull-out hygiene board
  • Winches for technical assistance and self-removal
  • Protective and roll bars for self-protection
  • Additional gear: forest fire-fighting
  • Outfitting of empty spaces according to customer’s requirements
  • Wide range of additional equipment available
  • Superstructure can be mounted on all conventional 4 x 4 chassis in the 16 to 19 ton class
  • GFK water rank: 5,000 l
  • Foam tank: 500 l
  • Pump in bronze version

Advantages & special features of the TLF 4000

Thanks to the spacious AluFire 3 superstructure the multi-puprose fire-fighting vehicle Magirus TLF 4000 comes with variable equipment room system and two lateral roller shutters as well as optimally ergonomic removal heights. This tank pumper is lowered between axles and behind the axle for more ergonomic storage of heavy equipment. The optimal water tank arrangement provides a well-balanced weight distribution without overloading the rear axle. The pump is easily accessible from the rear for control and maintenance. Large space reserves in the Magirus TLF 4000 offers room for individual additional gear and personal equipment.

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