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Magirus MultiStar Firefighting Vehicle

by Greg Preston
Magirus MultiStar Firefighting Vehicle

Passion, fighting spirit and tenacity: Hardly any other Magirus vehicle embodies these qualities to such an extent as the Magirus MultiStar Firefighting Vehicle. This combination of aerial rescue and firefighting vehicle that we introduced in 2000 was a completely new idea – and at that time, far ahead of its day in Europe. Although it initially found little acceptance and was first used with some hesitation, it then completely won over fire brigades and has now become a true international success.

As a 2-in-1 vehicle, the Magirus MultiStar Firefighting Vehicle primarily offers greater tactical firefighting benefit and is thus an idea whose time has come. Four basic models cover the requirements of fire brigades that have different mission profiles. By combining individual functional modules, the MultiStar can do nearly everything – except deny its origin. Its aerial rescue unit proves that it is a “thoroughbred Magirus”. The special mast geometry, its special lift mechanism and the precise rescue cage levelling function contribute unrivalled functionality and performance – even compared to international standards. From underdog to world champion – if that’s not a success story!

The Magirus MultiStar is a worldwide unique combination of telescopic boom lift with rescue cage and tank pumper / rescue vehicle. The Aluminium telescopic boom offers an operating range from -12 m to +30.5 m and an outreach of 16.5 m (3 persons). The aerial rescue appliance corresponds to EN 1777 with rescue cage RC300. The superstructure of the MultiStar with internal water tank comes with variable equipment storage system AluFire3. The equipment locker configuration will be realized according to customer’s requirements with space reserves for individual additional firefighting equipment and personal gear.


  • Integrated water tank for maximum equipment storage capacity
  • Magirus CAN-bus technology, FireCan-compatible
  • Magirus HMI comfort control panels for extremely easy operation
  • Cabin: 1+2, 1+5, 1+8 and others on request
  • Breathing apparatus in the cab: up to 8 sets
  • Pump capacity: 3,000 l/min at 10 bar / 400 l/min at 40 bar
  • Tank volume, water: 1,900 l or 2,400 l (external tank), other sizes on request


  • Fully automatic gearbox
  • With / Without crew cabin
  • Tank volume, foam: up to 100 to 500 l
  • Foam system: CaddiSys, FireDos or other types on request
  • Light mast: rear mounted, different configurations possible
  • Lighting: LED technology
  • All concepts also available on other 18 t-chassis versions
  • Further options on request

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