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Magirus Logistics Rescue Vehicles

by Greg Preston
Magirus Logistics Rescue Vehicles

What does the ideal workshop look like? With highly modern equipment, a clean structure and an orderly layout, it offers optimum working conditions. If this is the ideal, then Magirus Logistics Rescue Vehicles are workshops of the superlative. The vehicles are loaded with everything necessary for technical assistance plus additional desired equipment, all according to standards and individual requirements, from a hydraulic rescue set to an inflatable boat and even a loading crane. The AluFire 3 superstructure system guarantees that the existing stowage volume is utilised up to the last cubic centimetre, that nothing gets in the way and everything can be removed easily and conveniently. And perfectly coordinated chassis variants mean that this super workshop is not only mobile, but also highly agile on or off the road.

Whatever you need: It’s all there

Magirus Logistics Rescue Vehicles have a modular system of optional features, so every fire brigade can design a vehicle to suit its own needs. The AluFire 3 superstructure system creates a generous amount of space, ideally utilized through many clever details that are clearly rooted in practice. Of particular note are creative, individual solutions for stowage of equipment and fittings, ergonomic removal heights in all equipment spaces and many ideas which save time on the job and increase safety. As an alternative to the classic superstructure, rescue vehicles with a rear tail lift are available as well.

These unique, detailed solutions are to your advantage

Our rescue vehicles provide comprehensive equipment for conducting difficult rescue and assistance missions, with weight and space reserves for additional loads. They have an optimally coordinated chassis/superstructure concept with outstanding driving characteristics for on and off-road use.

Rescue Vehicles with Rear Tail Lift

This superstructure concept features a walk-in tail equipment room at the rear instead of an equipment locker covered by a roller shutter. As many as four wheeled containers can be stored here. This means rescue vehicles can be equipped flexibly depending on the main vehicle’s mission or the season. The result is a variety of flexible and interesting tactical possibilities.

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