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Magirus LF-HLF 20 Street Fire Engine

by Greg Preston
Magirus LF-HLF 20 Street Fire Engine

The Premium class vehicle Magirus LF-HLF 20 Street Fire Engine is an all-rounder for every mission: The strong partner for fire brigades with a broad mission profile – As individual and special as your needs and available with all-wheel or road tyres. This vehicle can also be realized according to the national standards and regulations of many countries.

General Information

  • Comprehensive gear for fire-fighting and technical assistence
  • Crew cabs: All-steel or aluminium technology
  • Seating variants: 1 + 5, 1 + 8
  • Rear pump: 3,000 l / min at 10 bar + 450 l / min at 40 bar
  • GFK water tank 3,000 l
  • Light mast: pneumatic, floodlights in halogen, xenon or LED technology

Magirus LF-HLF 20 Street Fire Engine Bodywork

  • Pump capacity: 2,000 l / min bei 10 bar
  • Water tank volume: 2,000 l / 2,400 l / 3,000 l
  • Foam tank volume: 150 l
  • Foam proportioning system: CaddiSys (electrical) 0,1 – 6 % or FireDos (mechanical)


  • GFK water tank: 2,000 l / 2,400 l / 4,000 l
  • Foam tank capacity: 150 l / 200 l / 400 l
  • Pressure foam proportioning system: CaddiSys (with electric drive) or FireDos (with hydraulic drive); 0.1 – 6 % proportioning
  • Load variants
  • Ladder on roof with unloading device
  • Breathing apparatus units in cab: 4 units / 5 units / 7 units
  • Superstructure lighting: LED technology
  • Warning system: integrated Magirus M-Flash LED technology
  • Alternative warning and signaling systems
  • Pull-out hygiene board
  • Cab integrated in the bodywork
  • Wide range of additional equipment available
  • Superstructure can be mounted on all conventional 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 chassis in the 14 to 18 ton class
  • Pump in bronze version

Advantages & special features of the LF-HLF 20 Street

The Premium class fire-fighting vehicle LF-HLF 20 Street comes with spacious AluFire 3 superstructure with variable quipment room system and three lateral roller shutters. It’s lowered beetwenn the axles and behind the axle for more ergonomic storage of heavy equipment. The optimal water tank arrangement provides a well-balanced weight distribution without overloading the rear axle. The pump is easily accessible from the rear for control and maintenance. Large space reserves in the Magirus LF-HLF 20 offers room for individual additional gear and personal equipment. The continous ambient illumation provides a balanced illumination of the mission site.

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