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Magirus Forest Firefighting Vehicle

by Greg Preston
Magirus Forest Firefighting Vehicle

Rugged, steep terrain, changing winds, no water source anywhere to be found, glaring heat, unpredictable flames devouring everything in their path: What may sound like a scene from a disaster movie is actually a thoroughly real forest fire. And thus the ideal scenario for the Magirus Forest Firefighting Vehicle, with the many extreme capabilities they need to facing an overpowering opponent. Single-tyre all-wheel chassis variants and elastic superstructure mounting make them extremely agile off-road, robust self-protection facilities make them extremely secure – and high-performance extinguishing technology makes them extremely successful. In the future, forest fires will rage in increasingly large numbers and sizes. And with us you’ll be extremely well prepared.

Our strengths: Special forest fire-fighting vehicles

In recent years forest fires have increased in frequency and impact; we can assume that this trend will continue with the present development towards climate change. The last few years have clearly shown that global warming leads to an increased risk of forest fires. Working together with fire brigades around the world Magirus has developed vehicles and technologies for handling this risk and optimally equipping fire brigades.

All-wheel Drive

In the city, in the countryside, in the wilderness: We are prepared.
Regardless of where you’re on the job: Chassis variants for fire and disaster response vehicles have to fulfil extraordinary requirements. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial vehicles, IVECO offers fire brigades a special, comprehensive chassis concept.

Planetary drive

Planetary hub reduction axles are standard on the Magirus Forest Firefighting Vehicle 4×4 chassis with full-time all-wheel drive. The unique all-wheel system increases ground clearance and reduces wear on drive components. The front axle is always engaged at the same rotation speed as the rear axle. This makes things easier for the driver, ensures secure handling on the street as well and provides more traction on changing surfaces, since the vehicle is “pulled through the curves”. As an option there is a choice between twin tyres or single tyres.

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