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Magirus DRAGON X4 Airport Fire Engine

by Greg Preston
Magirus DRAGON X4 Airport Fire Engine

Extremely compact and agile: The Magirus DRAGON X4 Airport Fire Engine is a rapid intervention vehicle with outstanding manoeuvrability. This airport fire fighting vehicle is the entry model of the DRAGON series offering all the benefits of a special ARFFV (Aircrash Rescue And Fire Fighting Vehicle) and combines them with the manoeuvrability of a compact tank pumper.

The DRAGON X4 can be used a Rapid Intervention Vehicle in any airport category, as stand alone solution up to category 5, or in combination with other ARFF vehicles. For smaller airports, it is the ideal all-rounder for fire protection on the airport. The spacious and ergonomic “Panorama Cab” allows easy entrance and exit, contributing to a fast response time. The low window areas provide the best all-round visibility.

The low centre of gravity provides an excellent cornering ability even during the fastest deployment rides. Its low-set equipment storage compartments enable the loading of extensive fire-fighting equipments as well as its ergonomic and quick removal.

All of this makes the DRAGON one of the best vehicles for fire-fighting and rescue at airports.

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